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Fresh Light Decorating will come to your home and help you re-decorate

using items you already own, helping you to love it in a fresh, new light.

fresh light


At Fresh Light Decorating, we know you want to feel

"at home", in your home.

The problem is you've spent money on beautiful things but you aren't sure how to incorporate them into your space. This leaves your home feeling like a hodgepodge of styles and that it's not being used to its greatest potential.

I understand what it's like to feel that way. I want to help you by "shopping the house" and then redecorate using items you already own.

Cozy home interior decor

What our clients have to say

Rhonda Hico, TX

"If you have an area in your home that you are not sure how to style, Fresh Light Desorating is what you need. Shellie took a nook in my great room and used items I already had and made the space so cute and cozy. I love it so much I had her back to decorate my Christmas tree and mantle. Again, she did an outstanding job."

Becky Granbury, TX

"Shellie was so fun to work with and came with great ideas and encouragement! She listened to what I wanted and took into consideration my style and the things that are sentimental and important to me while we "refreshed and shopped" my home. What a fun day and I love the outcome! I highly recommend using her for a fresh look!"

Nancy Stephenville, TX

"Shellie is very skillful at creating a special space that will bring you joy and make your things feel fresh again."

Deb Comanche,TX

"I felt as if my living room decor was incomplete and I just wasn't sure what I needed to do to make it look finished. Shellie came in and made some suggestions, listed to what I liked and how it had to function and did her thing! She moved things around, got items from other places in the house and brought it all together in a beautiful and functional space. I will definitely call Shellie next time I need a fresh update in other areas of my home."

Fresh Light Decorating Packages

House Fluffing



I will come to your home and

re-decorate or re-arrange using items

you already own, helping you

to love it in a fresh, new light.

We will "shop" the house and see

what can be moved from here to

there to give you the look and feel

you're going for.

I will go to your business or office and re-arrange and re-decorate using items you already own. I will help give your space the feeling that you want your visitors to have when they enter in, by pulling together a cohesive look that tells the story of who you are or what your business is all about.



$125 for the first hour and $85 for each hour after that.

$125 for the first hour and $85 for each hour after that.

Store Fronts & Display WIndows

I will come to your business and decorate your window displays for the season or occasion to attract customers, giving back to you the time you need to tend to your business, emplayeed and customers.

$125 for the first hour and $85 for each hour after that.



Vision Boards

I will come to your home or office and come up with a decorating plan. I will then put together a vision board using pictures of items that would create the look you want. You can then use this board while shopping to keep on track with your decorating plan and spending.


$180 per board

Home Staging for

Real Estate Photos

We all know that the pictures help sell the house. I will re-arrange and re-decorate, using items that the homeowner already has, helping the house look its best for the photos, highlighting its best features and giving the viewer a good look at the space and how it can best suit them.


$200 per room/space


Holiday Decorating

I will come to your home or business and decorate indoors for the upcoming holiday using the holiday decorations that you already own.


$150 for the first hour with a 1 hour minimum and $95 for each hour after that.

Let Fresh Light Decorating help you love what you already own in a fresh, new light.

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